All-American Colleges

Top Schools for Conservatives, Old-Fashioned Liberals, and People of Faith

Editor in Chief: John Zmirak

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Top Schools for Conservatives, Old-Fashioned Liberals, and People of Faith

All-American Colleges

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Since it published its first college guide in 1998, tens of thousands of parents and their college-aged children have come to depend on ISI for informed and independent judgments of the prevailing intellectual, political, and social environments at America’s top colleges and universities. With this brand-new guide, All-American Colleges: Top Schools for Conservatives, Old-Fashioned Liberals, and People of Faith, ISI provides a crucial supplement to its critically acclaimed Choosing the Right College. While Choosing the Right College covers America's elite private and public institutions, many of them hotbeds of politicized instruction and saddled with anemic curricula, in All-American Colleges ISI's editorial team provides personal, in-depth profiles of fifty highly recommended schools and programs. At each of these diverse institutions, students who identify themselves as religious believers, conservatives, or old-fashioned liberals will find programs that connect in a special way with the core values of the American founding and the vibrant intellectual traditions of the West—schools and programs that are, in fact, often transformative. Based on fresh, extensive interviews with students, faculty, and administrators, the profiles in All-American Colleges extend ISI's coverage of contemporary academia to accentuate the positive—while including necessary caveats about the unfortunate aspects of each school. The result is a unique new guide that parents—and buyers of Choosing the Right College—will not want to miss.

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Format Hardcover
Pages 450
Publisher ISI Books
What They're Saying...

"The guide concentrates on what is taught and how it is taught. Readers aren’t deluged with reams of mostly meaningless institutional data that can easily be gleaned elsewhere. In deciding which schools to include, the editors looked for course requirements that span the curriculum, as well as serious disciplinary requirements. They also looked for gifted teachers, including the 'eloquent generalist.' The fifty schools surveyed range from the famous (Princeton) to the obscure (New Saint Andrews College), to many in between. For the most part, the guide does not cover the usual suspects, because it is interested in places that 'build up one’s character as well as one’s resumé.' Schools whose main recommendation is their reputation don’t make the cut."
Bradley Watson,, Claremont Review

"A new guide to colleges and universities sets out to help parents become better informed. The Intercollegiate Studies Institute (ISI) has published All American Colleges: Top Schools for Conservatives, Old-Fashioned Liberals, and People of Faith, to identify colleges that most closely adhere to John Stuart Mill's vision of education. The guide looks at schools that require not only the study of the works of dead white men (Shakespeare, Milton, Plato) held in contempt in much of the academy today, but the crucial contemporary issues that are often ignored. The guide asks whether a particular university provides an environment for expanding 'intellectual friendships,' where men and women easily debate opposing ideas, where teachers encourage the student to examine unpopular opinions. "
The Washington Times

"The essays that form the introduction to this book are excellent. They offer students a chance to see the large picture, get a sense of direction, and shape curriculum accordingly. Even if one were to attend a school not covered in this book, it would be worth reading in order to help navigate through the miasmic swamp of a culture and curriculum at other institutions."
Paul Weyrich,, Free Congress

"Young people and parents beyond numbering will be grateful for this guide to education that aims to educate."
(The Rev.) Richard John Neuhaus,, editor in chief, First Things

"All-American Colleges is a terrific guide to help conservatives choose a college that’s not committed to left-wing indoctrination. If you graduate from one of these lesser-known schools, you might even become president of the United States-just like Ronald Reagan did.”
Phyllis Schlafly,, nationally syndicated columnist and founder of Eagle Forum

"If you’re interested in preserving Western civilization, then for the love of goodness, truth, and beauty, buy this book! Every parent with college-bound children should study it and spread the word to every neighboring village and town! Forgive me, but the ideas between these covers are awfully inspiring. The essay by Louise Cowan alone is worth the price of the whole shooting match. Makes me want to go to college all over again and again."
Eric Metaxas,, author of Everything You Always Wanted to Know about God (but were afraid to ask), and coauthor of The Veggie Tales

"Too many colleges these days are in the grips of professors and administrators in thrall to esoteric ideologies that make reasoned debate on campus difficult and turn the classroom into a political battlefield. By the same token, too many college guidebooks have lost their esteem for true liberal arts education, favoring instead fashionable and trendy schools that preach the newfangled dogmas of moral and religious liberalism. With this is in mind, the Intercollegiate Studies Institute, which has worked for decades to preserve true 'academic freedom,' has produced a 'niche' college guidebook for conservatives, old-fashioned liberals, and people of faith—a splendid resource for parents and students looking for a college that builds both character and resume."
New Oxford Review

"The 50 U.S. schools represented in this volume were selected for their embodiment of, and dedication to, academic freedom, Western liberal education, a well-defined core curriculum rooted in the Classics, and commitment to their own founding principles and/or faith tradition. [L]ibraries, as well as guidance counselors and departments, may want to add it to their collection for those students and their parents seeking a more traditional approach to college education, and as a complement to ISI's Choosing the Right College."
Gregory M. Toth

"[A] practical, no-nonsense profile of fifty colleges especially suitable for prospective students with specific values and educational goals—ones who seek learning grounded in concepts of liberty, and education as an enrichment in the process of understanding what it means to be a 'good' or 'free' person. In other words, institutions that are not so radicalized as to attack fundamental concepts such as abstract truth of disinterested, unbiased scholarship."
The Midwest Book Review

ISBN 1932236880
ISBN13 9781932236880
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