About ISI Books

“The person once attracted by the lure of publishing has a compulsion to publish: to be confronted by a manuscript that says something a publisher thinks needs to be said presents him with an almost irresistible challenge.” So wrote Henry Regnery, the groundbreaking publisher whose books profoundly shaped the modern conservative movement.

At ISI Books we feel that compulsion of which he spoke. ISI Books is the imprint of the Intercollegiate Studies Institute—the organization for which Regnery was the longest-serving chairman—and we believe it is through books that serious ideas can best be developed, debated, and refined. Indeed, now more than ever, thoughtful books are needed to nurture and ultimately advance the principles that sustain liberty.

To that end, ISI Books publishes important writers such as Robert P. George, Rodney Stark, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, John Lukacs, Roger Scruton, Leon Kass, Paul Kengor, Robert Bork, Harvey Mansfield, and George H. Nash, and is proud to offer new editions of works by Russell Kirk, Richard Weaver, Frank Meyer, Wilhelm Röpke, Eric Voegelin, and many other leading thinkers of the twentieth century. Readers interested in the history and traditions of American and Western civilization may also be drawn to our Lives of the Founders  series—short, accessible biographies of influential but now largely forgotten Founding Fathers—as well as our Library of Modern Thinkers , which provides authoritative introductions to the work of eminent intellectual figures.

So please take some time to explore our offerings, and if you like what you see, you may want to join our Readers Club for free books and other exclusive offers. ISI is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, and we welcome—indeed depend on—the financial support of our readers. Thank you for your interest and support.


Jed Donahue
Editor in Chief, ISI Books