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7 Myths About the History and Future of Science and Religion

By Michael Newton Keas

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Lies Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson Told Me 

You’ve probably heard that science and religion have been at war with each other for centuries, and that ­religion is anti-science. Stories like this are everywhere. 

There’s just one problem: these stories are pure myth.

Unbelievable explodes seven of the most popular and pernicious myths about science and religion. 

Unbelievable should be on the shelf of every science popularizer and college astronomy professor. Perhaps then we can begin to purge our culture of the ‘science is the enemy of religion’ myths Michael Keas slays in his refreshingly contrarian book.” —Guillermo Gonzalez, Assistant Professor of Astronomy, Ball State University; coauthor of The Privileged Planet

“An invaluable resource.” —James Hannam, author of God’s Philosophers and The Genesis of Science



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