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Cult City

Jim Jones, Harvey Milk, and 10 Days That Shook San Francisco

By Daniel J. Flynn

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“A bold, at times shocking work of revisionist history that challenges what we think we know about both [Jim Jones and Harvey Milk] and the murderous events that brought them to national prominence.” —Rod Dreher, The American Conservative

November 1978. The Reverend Jim Jones, the darling of the San Francisco political establishment, orchestrates the murders and suicides of 918 people at a remote jungle outpost in South America.

Days later, Harvey Milk, one of America’s first openly gay elected officials—and one of Jim Jones’s most vocal supporters—is assassinated in San Francisco’s City Hall.

This horrifying sequence of events shocked the world. Ever since, the lives and deaths of Jim Jones and Harvey Milk have been shrouded in myth. 

This extraordinary book, the product of a decade of research, explodes the myths to reveal shocking truth.

Cult City unravels the mythology surrounding the Jonestown massacre and the Harvey Milk–George Moscone assassinations to reveal the shocking truth that rebuts the narrative that stubbornly remains forty years later. . . . An amazing storyteller blessed with an amazing story.” 
Peter Schweizer, bestselling author of Secret Empires

“A horror story more frightening than any contemporary film . . . This is an extraordinary book.”
San Francisco Review of Books



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