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  1. Democratic Capitalism and Its Discontents

    Democratic Capitalism and Its Discontents

    By Brian C. Anderson

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  2. It Takes a Family

    It Takes a Family

    By Rick Santorum

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    "A very serious, smart work of political science." —Washington Post

    "This book is worth taking seriously for several reasons, not least of which is that it is a serious book. . . . Santorum wrestles intelligently, often impressively, with the biggest of big ideas: freedom, virtue, civil society, the Founders' intentions." —Jonathan Rauch, National Journal

    It Takes a Family is one of the most profound and comprehensive books of political thought ever written by a politician. Santorum offers a penetrating look at the social, political, and economic shifts that have hurt American families—and a principled, genuinely conservative plan for reversing this slide.

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  3. Plagues of the Mind

    Plagues of the Mind

    By Bruce S. Thornton

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    Special Price $11.96

    A stirring and sobering diagnosis of the challenges that confront anyone laboring to renew America's tradition of ordered liberty. Learn More
  4. The West and the Rest

    The West and the Rest

    By Roger Scruton

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    Scruton shows how the different religious and philosophical roots of Western and Islamic societies have resulted in those societies' profoundly divergent beliefs about the nature of political order.

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  5. Unjust Justice

    Unjust Justice

    Chantal Delsol

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    “An amazing book” . . . “Magnificent and timely” . . . “A superb polemical essay” . . . “Should be required reading” . . . “It’s not often that you find ideas of this quality, let alone this important, presented in a manner this accessible” . . .

    Such is the praise for Unjust Justice, the philosopher Chantal Delsol’s devastating critique of progressives’ relentless quest for “international law” and “international justice.”

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