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Rendezvous with Destiny

Ronald Reagan and the Campaign That Changed America

Written by Craig Shirley, with a Foreword by George F. Will

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Happy birthday, President Reagan!

Ronald Reagan was born 105 years ago this month. Now regardedeven by his political opponentsas a transformational leader, Reagan came close to missing out on the White House. Now read Craig Shirley’s masterful behind-the-scenes account of the election that changed everything: the 1980 presidential campaign, a race that was judged “too close to call” as late as Election Day but became a Reagan landslide, altering the course of history.

The definitive history of the 1980 campaign.Weekly Standard

“An exhaustive study that . . . will not anytime soon—if ever—be surpassed.” —American Spectator

“A first-rate work of insider history . . . A monumental accomplishment.” —National Review




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